FIRST DRIVE in the Mercedes of the FUTURE! Vision AVTR

I’ve driven the Vision AVTR, the concept Mercedes of the future! From having no steering wheel, to a design like nature inspired by Avatar the movie, it can even move sideways as you control it from a pad in the centre. Let’s take a look at this futuristic car (or spaceship?!) and then experience a drive to see how it works.

Mercedes-Benz launched the Vision AVTR in partnership with Avatar to create a concept that would bring together humans, machine and nature and there are signs of this throughout. The design itself is something from another planet with elements of the Mercedes EQ visual identity, combined with unusual elements like the illuminated wheels and bionic scales over the rear.

Most intriguingly is how to drive the car, with a pad in the centre allowing it to accelerate, brake, turn in a traditional sense but also to rotate all 4 wheels in harmony to effectively move sideways, like crabbing. Inside it’s a glasshouse with a dashboard created by projectors and exclusively using vegan materials, inspired by Avatar’s director James Cameron, himself a vegan. As you walk up to the car it awakens and illuminates, the doors are motorised, and at the rear a light show visualises the speed with which it is driving. The wheels themselves are made from polyurethane, and the design derivated from the Woodsprites in the film.

Typically a concept car would not be something that would even run, let alone be possible to drive. To have such an exclusive opportunity to be ‘behind the wheel’ in a figurative sense and pilot the vehicle is something truly special, and very exciting to be able to share with you.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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