This is the SECRET Mercedes-Benz Collection! EXCLUSIVE ACCESS

These are the secret halls of the Mercedes-Benz collection! With special exclusive access, we can take a look through some of the storage rooms to explore the Formula 1 cars, racecars, concepts, safety vehicles and road going supercars that are kept by the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

During a visit to Germany with both Mercedes-Benz and YouTube to shoot some special VR180 videos that you can see here: – I had the opportunity to discover this fantastic facility. In total there are 11 halls and here we visit just 2 of them to get a taster for the selection that are held.

On the racecar front we have the likes of Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 World Championship winning F1 car, to the entire history of DTM including numerous winners like the car of Bernd Schneider. From there we also have the Dubai 24hr winning SLS AMG GT3 along with some SLR 722 GTs.

Surrounding them there are lines of concept and vision cars that were introduced to hint towards future models, and demonstrate new technology. Along with those there are also one-offs that then never made it into final production as well as engineering cars that tested the eventual final models. For the supercars, standing out to me of course is the extraordinary, one-of-25 SLR McLaren Stirling Moss open-topped roadsters.

A huge thanks from me to the team at Mercedes-Benz Classic and to YouTube for arranging this opportunity to visit and see a location that hasn’t been shared before!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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