Mercedes GLS 2020 – 7 Seater, Luxury SUV

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS – 7 Seater, Luxury SUV / The All New Mercedes GLS 2020 and 2021 (interior, exterior, drive and off-road challenge)

Superior luxury with a sense of practicality:
Three rows of power seats as standard offer lots of room and comfort for up to seven passengers thanks to a wheelbase of 3135 mm. The middle row can be moved electrically by 10 cm. All rear seats can be folded separately or at the same time at a single touch of a button to create a level loading area measuring over 2.20 m in length (maximum boot capacity of 2400 litres).

Air suspension as standard:
The standard-fit AIRMATIC ensures the right ground clearance independent of the load – and lowers the car for convenient entering and exiting, for loading and unloading the boot or for saving fuel on the motorway. Or it raises it to get over bumps in the terrain better – automatically or at the wish of the driver.

Intelligent suspension:
The optional active E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension is the only system on the market able to individually control the springing and damping forces at each wheel. Together with Road Surface Scan and the curve tilting function CURVE, E‑ACTIVE Body Control makes a quite exceptional level of comfort possible. And the rocking mode can help to extricate the GLS from difficult off-road situations.

GLS 580 4MATIC with electrified V8, ISG and EQ Boost (48 V):
The new V8 with a displacement of four litres and 360 + 16 kW(489 +22 hp) combined fuel consumption: 10.1-9.8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 230‑223 g/km)[1], has lots of power but it is also able to “sail” when the situation allows.

A new operating experience:
MBUX is a user experience revolution in the car with regard to 3D graphics, intuitive operation including via touchscreen and “Hey Mercedes” voice control, the ability to learn, as well as functions such as MBUX Augmented Reality or MBUX Interior Assistant. Standard equipment in the GLS, with two large 12.3-inch/31.2-cm screens arranged side by side for a sublime wide-screen look. And optionally with a tablet remote for the rear passengers.

To each passenger his own:
A five-zone climate-control system (a separate climate zone for the third seat row) is optionally available, climate-controlled seats with massage function also in the second row, and a remote control that enables all rear passengers to set their individual comfort and even intervene in the infotainment events on the big screen at the front – as long as the driver permits it …

Keeping conversations:
The optional sound systems from Burmester® integrate a two-way system for voice amplification. This makes it easy to have conversations from one end of the large interior to the other even when travelling at high speeds.

Clever in tailbacks:
In the new GLS, the latest generation of driving assistance systems from Mercedes-Benz ensures safe and relaxed driving. Some Intelligent Drive functions, such as Active Stop-and-Go Assist, are also without parallel beyond the SUV segment.

Feel-good factor:
ENERGIZING comfort control networks various comfort systems in the vehicle and uses lighting and musical moods plus a number of massages for a wide range of feel-good programmes. In addition, there is the ENERGIZING COACH, which recommends programmes according to the given situation, and ENERGIZING seat kinetics that sets the seat in motion.

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